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Animals and birds

Osprey hunting
Butterfly on echinacea.
Canadian mare
Male northern oriole
Young red fox in a junkyard
Male cardinal
Gray squirrel, striking a pose
Male goldfinch.
Curious goats
Highland bull sunbathing
Female cardinal
English setter
a very small wasp on rudbeckia.
Somebody's mama.
Great blue heron, fishing
Gray pony.
Female cardinal up close
Dog waiting patiently.
Male banded kingfisher
Fire Island deer
Butterfly, macrophotography
Rowdy European starlings
Crumpled horn
Herring gull with lunch
Heifer with guinea hens
Great egret, fishing
Chipmunk with stuffed cheeks
Male house finch
Holstein cow
Wild turkey on the move
Red squirrel with attitude
Tufted titmouse
Dog in a truck
Male cardinal preening
Main Street rooster
LI Sound greyhound
Carolina wren.
Elderly Greenport boxer
Cormorant in waves
Draft horse drinking
Buffalo family
Domestic turkey
Boys on the corner
White-throated sparrow.
European starling
Black-backed night heron
Winery alpacas
Turkey vulture warming up
Young white-tailed deer
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