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Photomontages and photo encaustics

Merman. Photomontage, encaustic.
Bird man. Photomontage, encaustic
Dog days. Photomontage, encaustic.
Vineyard. Photocollage, encaustic..
Roots. Photocollage, encaustic.
Nova Scotia. Photocollage, encaustic
What Lies Beneath. Photomontage
The gatekeeper. Photomontage.
Teddy bear shrine. Photomontage.
Safe harbor. Photomontage.
Pink starlings. Photomontage.
Beached. Photomontage, encaustic.
Raven dream. Photomontage.
Not a beach day. Photocollage.
Dead elm. Photomontage, encaustic.
Underwater raven. Photomontage.
Spring in the Maritimes.Photomontage
Sunflowers. Photomontage, encaustic.
Gale force winds. Photomontage.
Shinnecock wharf. Photomontage.
Atlantic moon. Photomontage.
Harry & Wayne. Photocollage.
Fjord horse. Photomontage.
Jug tree. Photomontage, encaustic.
Peconic Bay. Photomontage, encaustic
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